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My Happisburgh
Norfolk Skies
  • Norfolk Skies

  • I'm northern and never appreciated the beauty of the sky before we moved to Norfolk. This post is a small collection of the sky here that I am using as inspiration for future work.  
The Woods
  • The Woods

  • After five days of being in the day to day of school, work and general routine, what better way to relax and start the weekend off! The sun was out and a small breeze whispered through the woods. I chose not to bring my DSLR, it's a little heavy for playing hide and seek, all images are taken on my[...]
Beach Portrait
  • Beach Portrait

  • Yes, yes..... remember how I said I was going to do a portrait shoot for a friend? Well here is a sneak peak of the very cute Freddie..... I may share some more as work slows down over the winter.
Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse

  • The lighthouse here is amazing, I see it from our kitchen window every morning and I love it! Last summer we ventured inside it, the stairs up are pretty scary as the railing doesn't feel particularly solid. This images have all been taken on my phone.... with the exception of the cover image and [...]