I have found more and more that I am leaving my D3 behind whenever we go on family adventures. On reflection carrying around a large DSLR is not only a weight I’d rather not have but also I’d much rather be in the thick of the enjoyment and not fiddling with settings whilst becoming a voyeur behind the lens. Regardless of whether this sits well with the purists that believe photography is driven by equipment, capturing the moment is as important as living it. The regret of missing out on some artistic quality that only comes from the kit I use, pales in comparison to the excitement of recording the momentary glimpse of our growing family. I would’ve have missed far more this year, in the time to adjust settings adequately, both as a photographer and mother if I hadn’t reached into my pocket and pulled out my iPhone. In the age where smartphones have become more than we ever could’ve expected, we should also celebrate the liberation in recording the world we live in and the people we share our journeys with.

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