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  • Facebook

  • There are many social networks out there and Facebook is one of those that I love to hate.... I am not sure if that is because of the endless stream of bad press or because of the ever changing layout. It doesn't feel as smooth as many of the others. Nevertheless I have a page for my photography the[...]
  • Instagram

  • Now.... Instagram, I am trying it, i joined last year but never really took to it. It feels like the lovechild of Facebook and Twitter, only prettier. So far I am finding lots of food pictures and duck-face selfies, with a huge dash of insecure girls posting images of their bodies to gain 'self conf[...]
Not another photography blog.....
  • Not another photography blog.....

  • Why blog? It's a question that I have asked myself over and over for the past year, I want to blog but why! I am on various social media platforms, regularly sharing new images with a few words, so why isn't this enough? The answer for me is simple, the main interaction I have with followers of my[...]