All photographers can shoot portraits….. can’t they?

“Hey, you’re a photographer….. my sister/brother/cousin/relation/friend is getting married/has had a baby…..”

“Wow, that’s great news! Yes, I am a photographer but I don’t do portraits. I can highly recommend a fantastic photographer for you.”

“What? How hard can it be? I thought you were a real photographer?”

Portrait photography. Some people can and some people cannot, I am the latter. Maybe it isn’t that I cannot, more that I am not a natural when it comes to portraiture. If you want awkward and obscure, yes, I can probably do that….. maybe that is my calling? Maybe not.

I have offered to take my camera down to the beach with a friend, to get some photographs of her boys….. any excuse for a picnic! I will maybe post them….. what a treat for you!

Here comes the spring, I can’t wait for the colours to change.

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