Happy New Year 2016

Happy 2016! My new years resolutions aren’t new, they are a carry over of 2014 and 2015 with one huge exception. I say huge, it’s not really huge but statistically 33% of my resolutions for the past two years have been completed and I am going to bank that!

SUSHI! Where have you been all my life? Yes, OK hiding in a pocket of wet, slimy, fish smelling fear… what was I actually scared of? The smoked salmon episode of 1995, the hotel in Grassington and my beautiful mother eating this raw, squishy, pink stuff in front of the fire.

Yo Sushi!

I’ve eaten plenty since, but this will always be remembered as my first.

Anyway, one down and two to go:

1) Learn to drive! 

I really am the worst driver, that person in the Micra that you always yell at? I am that driver in the making and there is naught I can do about that. I apologise now for further inflictions I may cause.

2) Hold a solo exhibition!

Oh man, this is too scary. It is number two, which means that I have to get number one out the way first. Clever!

Maybe I should photograph all the things I do in order to not have to deal with these, the ultimate in procrastination!

2016 here I come!

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