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Winter on the Coast
  • Winter on the Coast

  • Living on the coast during winter is something that summer trips to the seaside will never prepare you for, especially on the north sea. There is something absolutely beautiful about the solitude of the coast in winter. I enjoy the vibrancy that comes with summer tourism, meeting new peo[...]
Cart Gap
Family Adventures
  • Family Adventures

  • Adventures are becoming more and more about shared experiences, the laughter, the jokes, the memories and the new things we do together. My childhood experiences we always about seeing new things, simple times together. I look back to exploring National Trust gardens, camping in Abersoch [...]
Open Churches Week
  • Open Churches Week

  • As part of Open Churches Week, the Church in my village is hosting an exhibition of local photographs both historic and modern. I have donated a number of small prints to the exhibition and very much luck forward to seeing some of you there.
Expert Judge - Photocrowd
  • Expert Judge - Photocrowd

  • I have been invited by Photocrowd to judge a second photography competition, I enjoyed the last one so much! The competition theme is 'The Colour Purple' and I can't wait to see the entries, this will be a fierce competition for sure. You can enter the competition here, closing date is the 27t[...]
  • Redbubble

  • Selling my personal work has been something I have rarely thought about, these images have been shot for pleasure and purely for creativity. With the majority of my images being commission work and a small selection available through Getty, I had not looked at my other portfolios in the same way. [...]
Expert Judge - Photocrowd
  • Expert Judge - Photocrowd

  • I have been invited by Photocrowd to judge a photography competition and I am super excited about it... excited because this is a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the art of others. When I was told the competition theme is 'The letter S' my mind started instantly buzzing with ides for b[...]
Happy New Year 2017
  • Happy New Year 2017

  • Happiest of Happy New Years, it's still January so I can say that! SO! Those resolutions I do every year... 2014... 2015... 2016... they have brought me sushi and a stark reminder of those things I am still to scared to do. I do not need to be reminded of my fears, only the plans I am to accompli[...]
Merry Christmas 2016
  • Merry Christmas 2016

  • My final post of the year, and I would like to thank you all for your valued support in all that I have achieved and still hope to achieve. I've been so focussed this year on supporting all that have needed it and it has been worth the world to be able to do this. Wishing you all the most amaz[...]
To Being Courageous
  • To Being Courageous

  • I love this month, it means a whole bunch of things to me. Primarily it's my wonderful mum's birthday and she truly is marvellous. She embodies everything that I aspire to be, most of all my mum is courageous. What is true courage? To feel the fear and do it anyway, whatever it may be. Courage[...]
It's Officially Autumn
  • It's Officially Autumn

  • Yes, yes, yes... it's the UK and autumn has technically begun. It's very different here on the coast, well different to the North West for sure, autumn feels to take a long time time to begin. Perhaps that's because I am impatient, it is after all my favourite season. I can't remember why autumn [...]