It’s Officially Autumn

Yes, yes, yes… it’s the UK and autumn has technically begun. It’s very different here on the coast, well different to the North West for sure, autumn feels to take a long time time to begin. Perhaps that’s because I am impatient, it is after all my favourite season.

I can’t remember why autumn became my favourite, I think it’s the colour and scent of the world. Nature seems to wind down and rest after the splendour of summer and spring. Perhaps it’s the slowing down and the effortless beauty that follows, the first golden leaf to fall or the lowness of the sun… I’m not sure that I want to analyse it today, what I actually want to do is find red leaves and watch the colours change as we hit afternoon sunlight or start looking for the prime conker spots (my son loves conkers and acorns). Instead I will drink coffee and watch the rain run down the window… this is supposed to be the driest county in the country!

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