Writing a Bio

I’ve always been pretty open, so when I am asked a question I will answer it but the question ‘can I have your bio?’ ummmmm what, me? Seriously?

Where do you even begin with that? So many questions! My normal answer is simple; ask me what you want to know. Perhaps that’s a cop out, but it’s that strange place between normality and surreal where I am me, I ate too much pizza last night and I am approaching 35, oh and Tuesdays are my favourite day!

I have a short paragraph on my website that I had asked someone else to write, I prefer to manage my own website content, this is my space but the thought of writing in third person actually made me feel like a phoney. I had spoken to others about it, “What’s the big deal? Everybody does it!” was a big revelation to me. Here I had been assuming that all these people had other people writing about them and then my masterplan dawned on me… I’ll just avoid doing it.

Today I googled bio writing, I then closed the tab and went to make coffee, looked in the fridge and thought about how much pizza I ate last night. I even switched on the iron, ploughed through my laundry and matched up all the odd socks in the house. None of these things magicked a bio and the more it doesn’t exist, the more I am a thinking about how to tackle this existence of being bio-less. A bio-less existence is the snowballing culmination of fear perhaps or maybe shyness… or maybe I have read so many bios that were written subjectively and in third person that I can feel the awkwardness through the words.

There’s only one way to fix this, I need a writer.

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