To Being Courageous

I love this month, it means a whole bunch of things to me. Primarily it’s my wonderful mum’s birthday and she truly is marvellous. She embodies everything that I aspire to be, most of all my mum is courageous.

What is true courage? To feel the fear and do it anyway, whatever it may be. Courage is more than bravery, it’s wisdom, it’s understanding that everyone needs to grow and that sometimes that may be painful. Courage takes practise, a whole heap of practise of putting yourself out there and standing strong in your values, being brave with the best of intentions. It’s far easier to be brave for other people, for your children but standing there and defining your boundaries is the ultimate in bravery. Being able to stand and say “actually that’s not OK” is a huge step especially in the face of the constant unkindness we allows ourselves to be subjects of and some of that is self-inflicted anyway! I learning to be courageous under the wing of my mother, my hero.

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