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Happy New Year 2017
  • Happy New Year 2017

  • Happiest of Happy New Years, it's still January so I can say that! SO! Those resolutions I do every year... 2014... 2015... 2016... they have brought me sushi and a stark reminder of those things I am still to scared to do. I do not need to be reminded of my fears, only the plans I am to accompli[...]
Happy New Year 2016
  • Happy New Year 2016

  • Happy 2016! My new years resolutions aren't new, they are a carry over of 2014 and 2015 with one huge exception. I say huge, it's not really huge but statistically 33% of my resolutions for the past two years have been completed and I am going to bank that! SUSHI! Where have you been all my life?[...]
Not so new years resolutions.....
  • Not so new years resolutions.....

  • Happy New Year!!!!!! So officially, I suck at new years resolutions..... seriously, for the third year I will have the same resolutions..... wow, I mean, they can't be that important..... can they? I set myself a goal and then completely ignore it because I want to do something else, rebellion ag[...]
Happy New Year 2014!
  • Happy New Year 2014!

  • We are fourteen days in and I am still in Christmas mode...... eating chocolates, reading books and sitting by the fire eating chocolates and reading books. This winter time has been a wonderful rest creatively. I have spent lots of time reflecting on my work and the future of my images. I have enjo[...]