Not so new years resolutions…..

Happy New Year!!!!!!

So officially, I suck at new years resolutions….. seriously, for the third year I will have the same resolutions….. wow, I mean, they can’t be that important….. can they? I set myself a goal and then completely ignore it because I want to do something else, rebellion against myself. Now that sounds like an intelligent time worthy behaviour! Does my hint of sarcasm come through?

The most difficult third time pledged resolutions are as follows, brace yourself for the jaw dropping difficulty you are about to read:

1) Learn to drive!

I am still having lessons, really really really need to get this sorted this year….. bored of learning now. I really really hate driving, so much….. but that won’t help, just got to suck it up! I always rolled my eyes when I was told I would regret it later in life, I am thirty-two, am I old enough to be in later life now? Yes, yes, yes, I wish I had finished lessons at seventeen. Truth is, I hated driving and I still do. That is all there is to it, pathetic right?

2) Hold a solo exhibition!

I felt like I ran out of time for everything this year, an exhibition feels quite indulgent….. maybe I should revisit that, is it really indulgent? I mean, what is the purpose of an exhibition? To say “hey world, look at me”? I wonder if I can exhibit anonymously, although that feels pretentious. I need to eat more stollen and think about this for a little longer.

3) Try Sushi!

Really? In 730 days, I didn’t have the opportunity to try sushi…… hmmmm! With every unknown, there starts a Pinterest board!


I think the actual thing is, I am a procrastinator! There I said it! If I don’t have an urgency to do something it will sit at the bottom of my list (I don’t actually have a list) and I will do anything to avoid it, which probably takes up more time and energy than doing the thing in the first place….. not so smart now am I!


2015, the year of getting things done.