Photography Students

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas, we are just about ready. We have the most amazing selection of stollen, with thanks to our friends in Germany, let the wind down commence!

In the throws of festivity, I found myself thinking about what I would like to achieve next year which lead me to thinking about the students that would have been handing in their photography assignments before the Christmas holiday.

I love nothing more than reading emails from photography students, seriously it is so humbling, I have had some really fantastic questions! Thank you to all the students that have contacted me this year, you are the future of art. I found it refreshing to have my images critiqued with such honesty, check out the links below, one in particular made me smile.

I would love to set up a project or some kind of mentoring programme, perhaps this will be a new project for 2015.

Wishing you all a truly super Christmas.

Lucy x


Student project links:

Lorraine Darlington


Sophie Eizabeth

Jessica Louise Bell

Lee Robinson

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