The creative side of photography is naturally the part that I enjoy most. Just simply experiencing places and atmospheres, the emotion they provoke and the inspiration they provide and using my camera to convey this.

There is also a social side to being a photographer, not the networking or client meetings, but photographers locally, nationally and even globally. I have had some amazing experiences in the company of other photographers and I have learned a great deal from many, which I now call friends.

There are various online image sharing and social websites, many of which I will dip in and out of, sharing images and catching up with old contacts. Flickr was once a great community and really helped build my confidence to share my work, but behind the flashing awards and collecting comments it seems there is little else there.

In the search for something bigger and a little more honest I joined up to Google+ and I have been far from disappointed. If you are on Google+ then drop your link in the comments and I’ll add you to my circles. If you are looking for photographers to follow on Google+, then check out the list of some of my favourites below:

Mikko Lagerstedt
Lili Ana 
Chase Jarvis
Kerry Murphy
Mike Shaw
Thomas Hawk
Victor Bezrukov
Nori Sakamoto


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