The Month of the Selfie

This month I decided to attempt to over come the lack of confidence I have with self portraits… yes I know, this is a really silly issue in the grand scheme of things but for me it has become a huge deal. Let me explain.

My very first self portrait was taken just before my 29th birthday, it was a simple portrait but the response from my photographers friends on Flickr was quite overwhelming and it actually scared me a little. The internet is an interesting place and for me the transition to faceless communication has been difficult, my preference to speak face to face has been replaced by emails. The voice is far more powerful than typed words and I will always call and then email, maybe it’s part of my fight to not sit behind the keyboard and become faceless. I enjoy working with people, I enjoy listening and learning.

So yes, I possibly do have self-confidence issues, can you blame me or anyone else when they constantly have airbrushed perfection rammed down their throats? It’s not that I don’t like being me, I am happy with me, it’s the judgements that others make that give the air of not being good enough. Not being smart enough, I can work on and that’s the easy part for me. Not being perfect enough to look at is something that I actually find very difficult to deal with… perhaps I need to give in and join the never-ending journey to perfection, or perhaps the media should take the pressure off appearances and collectively move to being kinder. Bleh, enough of my soapbox attempting to change the world. Be the change.

This is the post dedicated to those bad hair days, to the ‘what do I do with my mouth?’ moments and my love of hoodies. This is the month of the selfie and the cringe I now feel as I upload these images. To those of you that do this for your art, I salute you, for me this is terrifying! 

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