April is always a funny month for me, primarily it’s the month I was born and I always have this overwhelming urge to creative and explore, it’s almost as if there is a sense of urgency. This is the month that I most likely take on the world and begin the projects that will see me reach July needed to write everything down in nicely formed lists, colour coded. I will possibly need to go out in August and buy a lever arch folder and dividers, also I will need to buy new stationary of course.

I headed to the beach today will my very lovely friend Kate, we sat and watched the patterns left in the sand by the sea, flamelike and carved by water. Almost contradictory.

The cliffs here are falling into the sea, no let me rephrase that the sea is eroding the cliff ferociously. Where we live will not be here forever, nature loaned us this place for a time and now needs the space back. I keep hoping that this will change, I love this place.

So often I have documented places and wished for a better photographic record of these locations back in the days when they were occupied and full of life, I am beginning this now in preparation. Most of these images will be captured on my iPhone as they are opportune as I am on the school run or taking a run along the cliffs.

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