Community is the unity of people for a common purpose, whatever this purpose may be.

I am privileged enough to be the Chair of the local school’s Governing Board, privileged because I am able to work with a team of dedicated people to ensure that the children who attend the school get the best possible education. Passion for education is something that was instilled in my by my mum, she fought hard for her education which she began when I was around 9 (I think). Her career path took her to teach English at a Grammar school, which she eventually put to one side to focus on her art. My mum is a very talented poet and the most inspirational woman in terms of strength and perseverance.

The community that forms to ensure that knowledge and learning flows freely to those who want it is astounding. I remember the first photography walk I attended, I remember being so scared of getting something wrong that I almost didn’t go. I am glad I did, the community I found there was amazing.

We (the local community here) have created a play group, the local pre-school closed and until the school opens a pre-school, the children need something. I am so overwhelmed by the support we have, we have created a new community, one that will ensure the youngest people will have somewhere to meet and play together. This community is here to support the parents of young children, nobody understands sleep deprivation like a parent.

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