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The Beast from the East
  • The Beast from the East

  • It's still hard to wrap my head around, I feel blessed that we have roof over our heads. The Beast from the East hit full force. The snow came down thick and fast, it was beautiful. We lost Happisburgh Lighthouse in the frozen feathers and sat by the roaring fire we safely watched the white [...]
Winter on the Coast
  • Winter on the Coast

  • Living on the coast during winter is something that summer trips to the seaside will never prepare you for, especially on the north sea. There is something absolutely beautiful about the solitude of the coast in winter. I enjoy the vibrancy that comes with summer tourism, meeting new peo[...]
Cart Gap
Open Churches Week
  • Open Churches Week

  • As part of Open Churches Week, the Church in my village is hosting an exhibition of local photographs both historic and modern. I have donated a number of small prints to the exhibition and very much luck forward to seeing some of you there.
Happy New Year 2017
  • Happy New Year 2017

  • Happiest of Happy New Years, it's still January so I can say that! SO! Those resolutions I do every year... 2014... 2015... 2016... they have brought me sushi and a stark reminder of those things I am still to scared to do. I do not need to be reminded of my fears, only the plans I am to accompli[...]
  • Starting

  • April is always a funny month for me, primarily it's the month I was born and I always have this overwhelming urge to creative and explore, it's almost as if there is a sense of urgency. This is the month that I most likely take on the world and begin the projects that will see me reach July needed [...]
  • Community

  • Community is the unity of people for a common purpose, whatever this purpose may be. I am privileged enough to be the Chair of the local school's Governing Board, privileged because I am able to work with a team of dedicated people to ensure that the children who attend the school get the best po[...]
My Happisburgh
Norfolk Skies
  • Norfolk Skies

  • I'm northern and never appreciated the beauty of the sky before we moved to Norfolk. This post is a small collection of the sky here that I am using as inspiration for future work.  
Beach Portrait
  • Beach Portrait

  • Yes, yes..... remember how I said I was going to do a portrait shoot for a friend? Well here is a sneak peak of the very cute Freddie..... I may share some more as work slows down over the winter.
Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse

  • The lighthouse here is amazing, I see it from our kitchen window every morning and I love it! Last summer we ventured inside it, the stairs up are pretty scary as the railing doesn't feel particularly solid. This images have all been taken on my phone.... with the exception of the cover image and [...]