The Beast from the East

It’s still hard to wrap my head around, I feel blessed that we have roof over our heads. The Beast from the East hit full force.

The snow came down thick and fast, it was beautiful. We lost Happisburgh Lighthouse in the frozen feathers and sat by the roaring fire we safely watched the white blanket falling. We lost power quickly and as our central heating is powered by coal the pump stopped to, but huddled by the fire in blankets we were happy. Once the snow had calmed I ventured out for essentials on foot, our grocery delivery was cancelled and subsequently it was two week before we were able to get one. Thank goodness for a well stocked freezer and our fantastic local shop. Iain and Sharon, you are incredible!

Hopefully this is a once in a lifetime weather event, however climate change will lead to more extreme examples unless something changes about the way we treat this planet.

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