Heading to the North West

We travel back to the North West three or four times a year to visit family. I was born in Rochdale. I spent my early childhood in Smithy Bridge, a village by Rochdale Canal close to Hollingworth Lake. With every visit, the familiarity lessens, I feel like I am seeing the places for the first time.

There are somethings that never alter even though the interior often changes. The Royal Toby Hotel has been a firm family favourite, the quality of the food is always high (excuse my son’s expression, he decided he expected more ham in is pea and ham soup… it was completely delicious). If you are in the area it is well worth a visit and there is something for every budget,

This will possibly be our last visit to Eureka, I have taken Ryan here often but he is getting a bit old (10) and except from the digital area most of it is aimed a little younger. The best part was seeing Ryan and my Nan together playing video games… she held no prisoners!

I really appreciate the free access to art and culture in Manchester. I had the perfect opportunity to visit Manchester Art Gallery which is well worth it if you have time to.

It is really interesting to feel my photographic tastes change, not being immersed in the urban environment leads me to reach for my camera less as I almost feel like I am seeing it for the first time.

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