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I was given a Fitbit for my birthday last month, yay! No, I am really happy about it, seriously! I am really competitive with myself which sounds kind of crazy given that I hate competition. The quest for ten thousand daily steps is well underway, except Sundays but I need to work on that.

The walking around more part is super easy, I’m only adding a couple of thousand steps to my normal total. The part that I am really really struggling with is drinking water, why oh why is it so hard to drink! I’m not even talking about straight water either, fruit teas, green tea, squash or plain sparkling… I just can’t get it down. It’s ridiculous, I am an adult! It’s all there to see in my Fitbit app! I’m even at the stage of filling bottles and keeping them in the fridge to visualise how much I need to get down my neck in a day.

So I’m not just struggling with water consumption. I have the added pressure of getting enough sleep, my Fitbit is like wearing a more adultier adult on my wrist. I can’t fib to myself about what time I go to bed or how much sleep I get, this digital parent frowns at me when I get less that my target which is only seven hours.

Let’s not mention the obsessive weighing of food to count calories to hit another target, although I have found that helpful in that if I can’t be bothered to weigh something then I don’t eat it! Result!

Exercise more, eat less, drink more water and sleep more… easy right? Ummm no.

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