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Poppy Red
  • Poppy Red

  • There are many times to feel humble and be humbled. The selflessness of those who fight for our freedom is unmeasurable. There will never be enough gratitude and those words will never be heard by those that gave their lives so we could be free. In your silence, remember them and be thankfu[...]
  • Facebook

  • There are many social networks out there and Facebook is one of those that I love to hate.... I am not sure if that is because of the endless stream of bad press or because of the ever changing layout. It doesn't feel as smooth as many of the others. Nevertheless I have a page for my photography the[...]
  • Instagram

  • Now.... Instagram, I am trying it, i joined last year but never really took to it. It feels like the lovechild of Facebook and Twitter, only prettier. So far I am finding lots of food pictures and duck-face selfies, with a huge dash of insecure girls posting images of their bodies to gain 'self conf[...]
Beach Portrait
  • Beach Portrait

  • Yes, yes..... remember how I said I was going to do a portrait shoot for a friend? Well here is a sneak peak of the very cute Freddie..... I may share some more as work slows down over the winter.
Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse

  • The lighthouse here is amazing, I see it from our kitchen window every morning and I love it! Last summer we ventured inside it, the stairs up are pretty scary as the railing doesn't feel particularly solid. This images have all been taken on my phone.... with the exception of the cover image and [...]
  • Inspiration

  • Opening my eyes, I know it, before I even get out of bed..... my inspiration is taking a break. How do I know? Everything feels normal, some days this is a relief but not today. Having a day free from inspiration is relaxing, I am able to focus without the overwhelming stimulation. I can't enjoy it [...]
What is this Orchid.....?
  • What is this Orchid.....?

  • This Orchid was a gift and I have managed to keep it alive..... it has been touch and go, but I actually have kept it alive! After much research, I still cannot find the specific name for this Orchid, I know it is a Palaenopsis and I am leaning towards it being a Phalaenopsis aphrodite hybrid of [...]
Road Trip!!!!!
  • Road Trip!!!!!

  • Woooohooooooo!!!! We are setting of tomorrow, armed with locations, ration packs and fully charged betteries. We have twenty-four locations that we will visit for the first time..... hopefully! Keep checking in on my Facebook Page to see where we are up to.... I will be sharing images along th[...]
All photographers can shoot portraits..... can't they?
Love Notes
  • Love Notes

  • This month the world will drown in hearts: plastic, chocolate, card or otherwise. That may sound cynical, and it probably is. I love love, I actually love loving. To love and to be loved are the most amazing experiences, they complete the circles of unfulfillment that most experience. Love isn't [...]
Happy New Year 2014!
  • Happy New Year 2014!

  • We are fourteen days in and I am still in Christmas mode...... eating chocolates, reading books and sitting by the fire eating chocolates and reading books. This winter time has been a wonderful rest creatively. I have spent lots of time reflecting on my work and the future of my images. I have enjo[...]
Merry Christmas 2013!
  • Merry Christmas 2013!

  • This will only be a very small post..... honestly! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and also express my thanks for your support this year. 2013, has been an incredible year and I have celebrated many successes of my own and also my photographer friends. Let's see what 2014 wil[...]