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The Month of the Selfie
  • The Month of the Selfie

  • This month I decided to attempt to over come the lack of confidence I have with self portraits... yes I know, this is a really silly issue in the grand scheme of things but for me it has become a huge deal. Let me explain. My very first self portrait was taken just before my 29th birthday, it was a [...]
  • Starting

  • April is always a funny month for me, primarily it's the month I was born and I always have this overwhelming urge to creative and explore, it's almost as if there is a sense of urgency. This is the month that I most likely take on the world and begin the projects that will see me reach July needed [...]
  • Community

  • Community is the unity of people for a common purpose, whatever this purpose may be. I am privileged enough to be the Chair of the local school's Governing Board, privileged because I am able to work with a team of dedicated people to ensure that the children who attend the school get the best po[...]
Going Back
  • Going Back

  •   February is the month where spring is incoming and the remnants of winter cling on. It's also the month that I journey 'up north' every year without fail, my wonderful Nan has her birthday in February and since we moved to Norfolk we make the trip every year and spend a week indulging in the most [...]
Happy New Year 2016
  • Happy New Year 2016

  • Happy 2016! My new years resolutions aren't new, they are a carry over of 2014 and 2015 with one huge exception. I say huge, it's not really huge but statistically 33% of my resolutions for the past two years have been completed and I am going to bank that! SUSHI! Where have you been all my life?[...]
Happy Christmas 2015
My Happisburgh
The Castle
  • The Castle

  • I hadn't explored Norwich Castle fully previously, the light is really beautiful. There is so much inspiration in the displays, uniformed with a twist of chaos.
  • Norwich

  • Having grown up near Manchester it has taken me some time to adjust to the slower pace of Norfolk and a city that feels so relaxed. It has taken much longer to find inspiration in a place of such natural beauty, I have found it quite difficult to see Norwich in the way I saw Manchester. Happiness is[...]
Summer Adventure
  • Summer Adventure

  • Each summer break we go to visit my lovely parents and spend a week adventuring and exploring, this summer was a huge adventure! My mother is my inspiration, she taught me to be free and to love freely, most importantly to taught me to create. We spent a lot of time in her writing room, ov[...]
  • iPhone

  • I have found more and more that I am leaving my D3 behind whenever we go on family adventures. On reflection carrying around a large DSLR is not only a weight I'd rather not have but also I'd much rather be in the thick of the enjoyment and not fiddling with settings whilst becoming a voyeur behind [...]
Norfolk Skies
  • Norfolk Skies

  • I'm northern and never appreciated the beauty of the sky before we moved to Norfolk. This post is a small collection of the sky here that I am using as inspiration for future work.