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Healthy Living
  • Healthy Living

  • I was given a Fitbit for my birthday last month, yay! No, I am really happy about it, seriously! I am really competitive with myself which sounds kind of crazy given that I hate competition. The quest for ten thousand daily steps is well underway, except Sundays but I need to work on that. The wa[...]
The Woods
  • The Woods

  • After five days of being in the day to day of school, work and general routine, what better way to relax and start the weekend off! The sun was out and a small breeze whispered through the woods. I chose not to bring my DSLR, it's a little heavy for playing hide and seek, all images are taken on my[...]
  • Texture

  • One of the questions I am most frequently asked is what drew me to photograph textures and why texture is so prominent in my work. Texture is the look and feel of a surface and in photography this is captured through pattern, colour and depth. Texture is everywhere in simple and complex forms, it w[...]
Love and stuff
  • Love and stuff

  • It's February, I love February, it's almost spring! Also, it's Valentine's day this month and moving to Norfolk gave me a lovely addition to our family traditions..... the legendary Jack Valentine. I was a little surprised when we figured out it was a tradition in Norfolk but not across the UK. In[...]
Not so new years resolutions.....
  • Not so new years resolutions.....

  • Happy New Year!!!!!! So officially, I suck at new years resolutions..... seriously, for the third year I will have the same resolutions..... wow, I mean, they can't be that important..... can they? I set myself a goal and then completely ignore it because I want to do something else, rebellion ag[...]
Photography Students
  • Photography Students

  • I cannot believe it is almost Christmas, we are just about ready. We have the most amazing selection of stollen, with thanks to our friends in Germany, let the wind down commence! In the throws of festivity, I found myself thinking about what I would like to achieve next year which lead me to thi[...]
Poppy Red
  • Poppy Red

  • There are many times to feel humble and be humbled. The selflessness of those who fight for our freedom is unmeasurable. There will never be enough gratitude and those words will never be heard by those that gave their lives so we could be free. In your silence, remember them and be thankfu[...]
  • Facebook

  • There are many social networks out there and Facebook is one of those that I love to hate.... I am not sure if that is because of the endless stream of bad press or because of the ever changing layout. It doesn't feel as smooth as many of the others. Nevertheless I have a page for my photography the[...]
  • Instagram

  • Now.... Instagram, I am trying it, i joined last year but never really took to it. It feels like the lovechild of Facebook and Twitter, only prettier. So far I am finding lots of food pictures and duck-face selfies, with a huge dash of insecure girls posting images of their bodies to gain 'self conf[...]
Beach Portrait
  • Beach Portrait

  • Yes, yes..... remember how I said I was going to do a portrait shoot for a friend? Well here is a sneak peak of the very cute Freddie..... I may share some more as work slows down over the winter.
Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse

  • The lighthouse here is amazing, I see it from our kitchen window every morning and I love it! Last summer we ventured inside it, the stairs up are pretty scary as the railing doesn't feel particularly solid. This images have all been taken on my phone.... with the exception of the cover image and [...]
  • Inspiration

  • Opening my eyes, I know it, before I even get out of bed..... my inspiration is taking a break. How do I know? Everything feels normal, some days this is a relief but not today. Having a day free from inspiration is relaxing, I am able to focus without the overwhelming stimulation. I can't enjoy it [...]