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Merry Christmas 2016
  • Merry Christmas 2016

  • My final post of the year, and I would like to thank you all for your valued support in all that I have achieved and still hope to achieve. I've been so focussed this year on supporting all that have needed it and it has been worth the world to be able to do this. Wishing you all the most amaz[...]
To Being Courageous
  • To Being Courageous

  • I love this month, it means a whole bunch of things to me. Primarily it's my wonderful mum's birthday and she truly is marvellous. She embodies everything that I aspire to be, most of all my mum is courageous. What is true courage? To feel the fear and do it anyway, whatever it may be. Courage[...]
It's Officially Autumn
  • It's Officially Autumn

  • Yes, yes, yes... it's the UK and autumn has technically begun. It's very different here on the coast, well different to the North West for sure, autumn feels to take a long time time to begin. Perhaps that's because I am impatient, it is after all my favourite season. I can't remember why autumn [...]
Writing a Bio
  • Writing a Bio

  • I've always been pretty open, so when I am asked a question I will answer it but the question 'can I have your bio?' ummmmm what, me? Seriously? Where do you even begin with that? So many questions! My normal answer is simple; ask me what you want to know. Perhaps that's a cop out, but it's that [...]
Summer Adventures
  • Summer Adventures

  • It's the summer holidays and this year we went on a road trip. My mum and stepdad are two very special people, hugely special not just because they are my parents but for the values they hold. We had a week packed with adventure and I'm still recovering! First stop Aldeburgh, this was my first visit[...]
My Inspiration
  • My Inspiration

  • Out of all the questions I am asked, the most frequent one is what inspires me. Life. Life is most inspirational. Having previously existed through a drought of inspiration, the pain of losing that spark and the dumbing down of senses but coming out from that heavy burden has created a thirst for se[...]
The Month of the Selfie
  • The Month of the Selfie

  • This month I decided to attempt to over come the lack of confidence I have with self portraits... yes I know, this is a really silly issue in the grand scheme of things but for me it has become a huge deal. Let me explain. My very first self portrait was taken just before my 29th birthday, it was a [...]
  • Starting

  • April is always a funny month for me, primarily it's the month I was born and I always have this overwhelming urge to creative and explore, it's almost as if there is a sense of urgency. This is the month that I most likely take on the world and begin the projects that will see me reach July needed [...]
  • Community

  • Community is the unity of people for a common purpose, whatever this purpose may be. I am privileged enough to be the Chair of the local school's Governing Board, privileged because I am able to work with a team of dedicated people to ensure that the children who attend the school get the best po[...]
Going Back
  • Going Back

  •   February is the month where spring is incoming and the remnants of winter cling on. It's also the month that I journey 'up north' every year without fail, my wonderful Nan has her birthday in February and since we moved to Norfolk we make the trip every year and spend a week indulging in the most [...]
Happy New Year 2016
  • Happy New Year 2016

  • Happy 2016! My new years resolutions aren't new, they are a carry over of 2014 and 2015 with one huge exception. I say huge, it's not really huge but statistically 33% of my resolutions for the past two years have been completed and I am going to bank that! SUSHI! Where have you been all my life?[...]
Happy Christmas 2015